June 10th, 2023: It's time to share a piece of my heart with you. I am proud to tell you that I'm featured in a sparkling episode of the inspirational program "Plezier en Passie" on RTL4 with my beautiful handmade ceramic mugs. 📽️

Have you ever held a mug that made your heart sing and are curious about the creative process behind these enchanting mugs? Check the video here!




January 6th, 2023: The Story Behind My Handcrafted Ceramic Mugs: My First Interview.

Welcome to the interview where I am excited to share the story behind my handcrafted ceramic mugs with you all. It was both an immense honor and a nerve-wracking challenge to give my very first interview about my handcrafted ceramic mugs. You can find the whole interview in the link.





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